by Norine Braun



"Over the course of her eight albums local songwriter Braun has developed exceptionally sharp lyricism, fluid vocals and a way with a driving melody. Case in point, the single "Drift Away" from her new CD." - Stuart Derdeyn The Province

Sprack Chica Boogie selected for The National Post and Province Playlist.

"The album received an A on an A to F grading scale, with Drift Away, Drunk, I Will I Won't, Sprack Chica Boogie, and Neutral Territory. Very eclectic sound! Powerful vocals set the tone for a blend of genres in this album." Matt Nightingale CHSR Music Director

No. 8 brings renowned producer and Juno nominated, Adam Popowitz (Pacifika, Mollies Revenge, Leela Gilday) on board producing and performing on the songs with bass and lead guitar. Elliot Polsky, drummer extraordinaire (Jim Byrnes, Zubot and Dawson, Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir) lends a pair of hands and feet on the groove and heartbeat of No. 8. Blues meister Andrew "HuggyBear" Huggard (Ollie Bollen Trio, Leonard and the Lab Rats) shakes things up with his soulful blues harmonica. International touring freelance keyboard/pianist Mary Ancheta (Bjork,John Mayer, Nickleback) shines with her astounding keys on feature tracks too. The new material on the album is a mix of originals with blues, roots rock and soul at the centre.


released April 27, 2011

Norine Braun: Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar on Nothing To Hide, Sprack Chica Boogie and Midnight
Adam Popowitz: bass, lead guitar, mandolin
Elliot Polsky: drums and percussion
Andrew “Huggybear” Huggard: harmonica
Mary Ancheta: keys

Produced by Adam Popowitz

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song & Sound, Coquitlam, BC.
All songs words and music composed by Norine Braun except Sprack Chica Boogie music by Alice Fraser and Norine Braun, lyrics by Norine Braun

Thanks to: Alice for her courage, determination and most of all her precious love. Adam for creating a wonderful, safe and special place to make magic happen. Elliot, drummer extraordinaire, for giving No.8 the heartbeat and groove, hugs to Andrew for your heart wrenching soul and the amazing Mary for shining so bright on short notice. Thanks also for your ears and encouragement to Robyn McCorquodale and James Bowers.

This recording would not have been possible without the outpouring of love and generosity of the fans and friends who joined in the presale campaign of digital downloads, cd and t-shirt sales to make this project happen. Your support means the world to me and affirms the journey of making music.

Special thanks to these liner note benefactors:
Renee Gauthier, Carol Passmore, Valerie Storvold. Kristin Galea,Hutch and Bill Bryan, Matthew and Madison Monroe, Frances A. Fraser, Phyllis Braun, Ina Stockhausen wwwpositivelifechangesca

My love and deepest gratitude to you all.

This cd is dedicated to my late brother Brian Braun who first taught me the blues so long, long ago and his son, my nephew Nathan Braun who inspired Sprack Chica Boogie.



all rights reserved


Norine Braun Vancouver, British Columbia

Her signature funky folk-blues sound simply cannot be matched. Best listened to as loud as your neighbours will tolerate. Abortmag

Her music sounds like the union of Nick Cave with Patti Smith & City and Colour deep in the Canadian forests.

An imaginative display of fine musicianship, potent vocals and heartfelt lyrics, talent like hers doesn't exactly come around too often. Music Emission
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Track Name: Drift Away
©Norine Braun SOCAN
You could leave a light on
Toss a rope to hang on
Send a lifeline to me
Make sure you get through to me
In case you should ever float
In case you should ever drift away

Free fall
Get back to default
Get off my high horse
You see got I get a move on
Try and find a free flowing knowing
And let go
Upset the recall
Get back
To the tow
Do you see where I go?

Hope is like the bird
Sensing the coming dawn
Starts to sing her song
Engulfed in black
She trusts the sun will come soon
To warm her
Watching the darkness drift away
Track Name: Drunk
Drunk in the middle
Of the afternoon
I get lost in the muddle
Of your sweet perfume
When you said that you loved me
And no more tears would ever fall
Full of promise and pleasure
I risked it all

You give me 2 cents for speaking
I got nothing to say
You give me words full of wisdom
Leave me the bill to pay
Bulldaggers and lures
Your cigarette burns
We go adrift on the brink
And the emptiness sinks
Get all lost ‘til we’re full to the top
Insipid and rare
We gotta make it all stop

You’re getting sloppy and weepy
Sentimental and more
You got your suitcase in hand
To move in and before
I know what has happened
You’re deeply entrancing
You got me confused
Do you love or you use
Instinctive and nervous
I buckle in service
At your beck and call
You will find me impervious
Track Name: Neutral Territory
Neutral Territory
©Norine Braun SOCAN
I’ve been hearing whispering winds
In the distance up ahead
Tonight I fear I’d oversleep
And maybe miss eternity
A chance to visit youthful lands
Touch the work of loving hands
Carved upon this broken heart
Forgiveness brings a peaceful start

Dusting off the past with you old man
On neutral territory we will stand
Misunderstood, the oddness of your branding
Help me find the words to understanding

I’ve come back to climb the hill,
See if I am buried still
How the chasm’s grown wide
We’re far apart, this great divide
Every Lord has his domain
To rule his world, to give away
Wiping tears in front of me
And in the folds, serenity
Track Name: Midnight
Midnight and the wind is blowing
Here I am without you knowing
I found love but it hasn’t found me

Darkness but the moon shines through
Echoing mind asking what to do
I found love but it hasn’t found me

Light a candle to show me the way
How can I lose something
That was here to stay
And in the silence I hear you call my name
Call my name

I know the scene what it’s all about
I have no love I am without
For I am many but you are few
If love is lost what can we, what can we
What can we do?
Track Name: I Will/I Won't
I WILL I WON’T ©Norine Braun SOCAN
Curls light up your hair
I get lost in there
All that you could be
Define reality
As you ponder why
I’ll get in your mind
Walls will not impede
What you mean to me

Round the corners to the attic
Far above the rooms
Past the tender, climbs the psyche
Ego’s guts are strewn
Ascending stairs, descending cages
Underneath the floor
Grasps a sight to worm you into
Introspective lore

I will get there or I won’t get there
I don’t care anyway
I will get there or I won’t get there
I don’t care anyway

Grip keeps slipping
Jingled tripping steps
Are turning back
Shadowed hands outstretched to guide you
Hold your head intact

I will get there or I won’t get there
I don’t care anyway
I will get there or I won’t get there
I don’t care anyway

Gently you pass by
Count me back in time
Wake on distant shores
Ego’s fading more
When you’ll realize
Psyche’s oh so wise
She will lead you in
Where there is no end
Track Name: Nothing To Hide
Nothing To Hide
I’ve got something known to change the weather
And you’ve got something underneath the leather
We’ve got something all on a Saturday night
Frisky business we’ve got nothing to hide

Riding and a roping we hear deep thunder
Running for a cover or get torn asunder
Oil of elixir is getting us all high and dry
Whirlwind dances and we got nothing to hide

I’ve got something known to cause a ruckus
You’ve got something bound to make a gal blush
We’ve got something all on a Saturday night
Frisky business we’ve got nothing to hide
©Norine Braun SOCAN
Track Name: Only One
After all is said and everything is done
You ask me to come along
Just me out of everyone
I see your eyes wandering and you smile
I catch you looking

Oh I want to be your only one
Yes I want to be your number 1
Want to be your only one number 1 please

When you’ve fallen down
Oh who do you run to
Can’t find a new romance
Oh who do you come to
I tell you baby the time has come
My heart is taken you’re the only one

It’s time now to settle down
These days you can’t be fooling ‘round
You need me honey
I know what’s right
I’ll make you happy oh every night
Do I have to get down on my knees
Beg you baby please oh please
©Norine Braun SOCAN
Track Name: No.8
No. 8
I watch the lights go down
I thought I heard you gently say
Let’s go to bed my dear
Before the darkness turns to day

All this time
In this place we called home
No. 8 held our dreams
No. 8 now we leave

I turned the music on
I asked if you’d have one last dance
I took your hand in my mine
And then we waltzed across the room

Only love awaits us now
All the pain escaped somehow
Only love awaits us now only love

©Norine Braun SOCAN
Track Name: Paint
©Norine Braun SOCAN
Been walking down these streets
So dirty, dark and grey
Looking for a rainbow to chase my clouds away
I always needed sunshine
More than I need pain

An artist man he saw me
And this is what he said
Can always change your blues
Need only paint them red
Never look for details
Look for love instead

Then I saw someone’s eyes
Who wore no disguise
Colours came alive
Vibrant was the night
The moon embraced the sky

Feeling the thick of it
Nothings for sure
I am in spite of things
Fighting the floor

But I’ll get used to this
You know I‘ll beg you for more
And I’ll get rid of it
You know we’ll even the score
If you don’t speak of things
I’ll ask you no more
Yes I’ll get used to this
You know I’ll beg you for more
Track Name: Sprack Chica Boogie
Sprack Chica Boogie

When you are down
When you are low
And you are feeling sad
I’m gonna find you
I’m gonna tease you
I’m gonna make you mad
We’re gonna set loose
We’re gonna show them,
We’re gonna fool them now,
I’m gonna help you
I’m gonna show you how

Sprack Chick Doonie
Sprack Chica Loonie
Sprack Chica loonie toonie town

Sprack Chica Doonie
Sprack Chica Loonie
Sprack Chica loonie toonie town

We’re gonna show them.
We’re gonna fool them
We’re gonna mess around
We’re gonna move on
We’re gonna blow this town

When you are blue
When you are lost
When you are feeling mean
I’m gonna get you
I’m gonna shake you
I’m gonna make you scream
We’re gonna get loose
We’re gonna break free
We’re gonna mend the row
I’m gonna help you
I’m gonna show you how


We’ve got a gal and her name’s Daisy
She not mad she’s just half crazy
Works so hard she makes us lazy
We got burned and turned out spacey

She’s okay she always pays me
In kind words the deeds are hazy
Wags her tongue, the color’s maize eh
She will fool and wear a paisley crown
©Norine Braun SOCAN