Conventus The Eye of the Heart

by Norine Braun

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released 08 November 2013


Norine Braun: Vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitar on No More Reprise, Lightening Strikes Twice, Fire Flames.

Adam Popowitz: Bass, lead guitar, classical guitar on How Would We Know, tambourine, shakers, keys/synth on Conventus

Elliot Polsky : Drums and percussion

Alice Fraser: Keys

Huggybear Leonard: Blues harp and penny whistle

Produced by Adam Popowitz

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song & Sound Coquitlam, BC

All songs words and music composed by Norine Braun

All songs ©Norine Braun 2013 SOCAN Braun and Brains Music



all rights reserved


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Norine Braun Vancouver, British Columbia

Her signature funky folk-blues sound simply cannot be matched. Best listened to as loud as your neighbours will tolerate. Abortmag

Her music sounds like the union of Nick Cave with Patti Smith & City and Colour deep in the Canadian forests.

An imaginative display of fine musicianship, potent vocals and heartfelt lyrics, talent like hers doesn't exactly come around too often. Music Emission
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Track Name: Lightning Strikes Twice
Lightening Strikes Twice

Lightening strikes, it strikes twice

Yeah lightening strikes, strikes twice

Devil and the deep blue sea Oh my baby and me

We saw lightening strike, strike twice

Devil and the deep blue sea Oh my baby and me

We saw lightening strike, strike twice

Walked from the bayou to the back of the bay

We found ourselves stranded when it started to rain

We had cover in a cabin on cliff where we prayed

A crackling white light and a bellowing boom gave way


Spotted in the distance was a man dressed in red

His hands raised up to heaven, he called on the dead

Floating ‘round in circles was his boat on the bay

A second white lightening connected the red devil’s grave.
Track Name: How Would We Know

Eyes so bright they shine at me

Lips that whisper sweet

Arms that hold me all through the night

How would I know

True love I’d find

Do you remember oh way back when?

So many lonely nights

Then we sent our hearts out to the open sky

How would we know Our souls entwined

How would we know Our souls entwined

Send me a rose scented and red

One that will grow and knows no death

Send me a rainbow

Promise no end of love

Looking for you oh in my dreams

And you in yours for me

Then came the moment we would finally meet

And make our dreams reality

Found me a rose scented and red

One that will grow and knows no death

You found a rainbow

Promise no end of love

How would we know that soon we’d find

How would we know our souls entwined
Track Name: Dizzy

Under the moonlight

The dark liquid sky

There’s no escaping

The sweltering shy

We get up gently embark to be led

Nighttime tawdry’s and bawdiness bed

I get all lost in the word we call friends

I get all dizzy and you say amen

I’ll never get there as long as I stay here with you

Dizzy, I feel so dizzy I’m getting dizzy with you

We get all crazy and downward we fall

I want to get it without risking it all

If you will get there I’ll save you these songs

What comes what may CHORUS

And when we get there and all that you said

I gotta fight it get out of my head

You’ll know there’s something wrong about now

I’ll try to fight it a floating black cloud

I guess what you say is true

But I find love in the best that you do

Think I’ll get there then along comes rain

As time goes away CHORUS

Time to set you free Living on a dream

Time to set you free

Living on a dream, dream, dream

Railroad tracks

Upon her arms

Of charms

She comes down at night

Hair, chiffon, cold delight

Perfume filled the stale old blight

Antique bathtubs drown and

Hide in cellar rooms

Dusted and dancing in the dim light

Time hurried by

Left her countless suitors tied

To posts and beguiled why

A lusty throaty laugh

Too soon to hide the salty streams

On cheeks rouge ruined

And rogue free

Paradise was never this sweet

The dragons chasing their tails

And tales bring the godly we meet

Paradise was never, was never this sweet

I get all dizzy inside of my head

I want to get it and you say we’ll go there

We’re gonna get there I ‘ll take you home

Then back to you it seems
Track Name: No More Reprise
No More Reprise

No more sleeping in this bed

No more tears about you shed

No more lying to keep me sane

No more playing I’m out of the game

Tried to love you Did my best

You’re no different, you’re no different

You’re just like the rest

Gonna leave you, gonna watch you go away hey hey hey yeah

No more counting on you to change

No more why you acting strange

No more listening to your woes

No more waiting, I’ve packed your clothes.
Track Name: Boy

Little boy was born today

His mother gave him away

Gave him to a family so he could get just what he needs

Taught him how to read

Taught him how to eat properly

Father combed his hair

Mother said his prayers at night

She said God don’t take him away

She said God don’t take him away

He’s my little boy little boy

Mother’s joy, mother’s joy

The boy becomes a man

Everything needed is close at hand

Goes to college

Becomes a hard working lad

He goes out a night

To watch the sky

Feels so glad that he’s alive

He’s a mother’s joy, mother’s joy

Little boy, little boy Mother’s joy, mother’s joy

One day last September

He saw her there she was old and gray

Deep lines arrayed

Small words conveyed

As tears gave way

She said boy I loved you

She said boy I loved you

You’re my little boy, little boy, little boy, Little boy

Mother’s joy mother’s joy…..
Track Name: Today

I am going to face the wall

Reaching inward judgment call

Faithful willing flying free

Finally able just watch me

Lifeless riots violence chained

My cage is quiet my senses tamed

Mind is aching my soul is cleaned

Muscles ripping just watch me

Today I’m rushing forward with light

Isn’t it bright

Today I’m pushing forward with grace

In the lull we go back these four walls fill it all
Track Name: 99%

I got something

I got it in the bag

Don’t look at me mister

You’d be better off dead

We got busted for planning

It’s in the back of my head

We got morning in the coffee yeah

The blues is back in bed

Mama's in the kitchen

Papa hit the sack

Up all night he’s looking

But no one calls him back

Do we pay for groceries?

Or do we pay the rent?

Scrounging in the garbage

We’re the 99%

Occupy corruption

Overtake and lead

Even Jesus angered

When he tossed away the greed

Lining up for lunch

People’s rights should rule

Lining up for jobs

Corporate wrongs so cruel

Watching our destruction

Or are the 99 ahead?

We won’t lose the world to evil

But to those who watch instead

My gal’s on piano

She playing it real well

Musing on this blues riff

As we drift on down to hell

We dream of baskets and the babies

Dream of corn and the gravies

Living on empties

Living on maybe, maybe, maybes

Nothing to fall back on

On nothing to depend

We got a sweet sense

We got no cents

We got a sixth sense

We got no sense

We got a sweet sense
Track Name: Take The Sleek Train

Take the sleek train

Over there

Winds past the snowcaps

Leave your cares

Let it rumble real proud

Watch it vibrate all your clouds

Eagles and the ocean

Waterfalls unfrozen

I’ll find the locomotion

Can soothe my emotion

Take me to the rivers, the mountains way up high

Got my ticket in my pocket tight

Let’s get out of here

Let me see some light

We’ve been living in cement

And I need to see some space
Track Name: Fire Flames
The Fire Flames

Does it feel okay?

Or do you push away

When she touches you

You are slippery

A fool’s tongue gold

Hides blue risks mounting

Fortunes told

I am reigning

For this flight

We might get there

To heaven’s light

I am going

Lead the way

Freedom finds me

Redemption wanes

We are climbing

Into her veins

Betrayal washes

The fire flames

When you are not lying

And I stop crying

Does it feel okay?

Or do you push away

When she touches you, when she touches you

And is the writing on the wall

And whose name do you call

In the heat of the night

In the heat of the night

I am going lead the way

Freedom finds me

Redemption wanes

We are climbing

Into her veins

Betrayal washes

The fire flames, the fire flames…..
Track Name: The Perfect Love Affair
The Perfect Love Affair

When I am weary

And I am teased

I keep looking for something

Something’s looking for me

I’m not too busy

I am not too proud

I guess I’m just lonely

I’ll say it out loud

I need a distraction

I need an okay

That I’m still desired

I’ll swing and I’ll sway

I’m a bold looking cougar

I join the cub’s play

I’m looking for something

That leads me astray

Eyes that haunt me

Lips that taunt me

Arms around me

Love it drowns me

I have waited hesitated

For you dear and now you’re here

It’s true the perfect love oh love affair

The perfect love, the perfect love oh love affair

A voice it calls me

Whispers softly

Hold me closely

Kiss me gently

I have waited hesitated

For you dear and now you’re here

It’s true the perfect love oh love affair

The perfect love the perfect love oh love affair
Track Name: I Found You
I’ve Found You

I don’t need wishes

‘Cause all of my dreams have come true

No I don’t need anything

Now that I have found you

In the dark and the night

In the day and the light I’ve found you

And the ring on my finger will stay forever and always

I don’t need riches

For you are the jewel I need

Give me you hand

And I’ll take you

Wherever this road may lead
Track Name: Conventus

In the night

While you sleep

Life will fall right into your dreams

I am here I love you

I will follow into your dreams

I am there as you sleep

Following now into your night

Conventus alis

Wings will come together

Agape dreaming

We will love forever

Conventus alis

Oh our hearts are opened

We will fly forever

No our dreams aren’t broken

Nothing is heavy for those that fly

We’ll soar forever and we’ll see with eyes

Of hearts who know how we come alive

We’’ll dance the dream awake when we arrive

All songs ©Norine Braun 2013 SOCAN Braun and Brains Music